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rbdandothfan [userpic]

Book Series

August 27th, 2010 (08:53 pm)

current mood: excited

Hello everyone,

So I've decided to post more frequently on my LJ/blog for two reasons. One because it's fun. And two it's an easy way to keep track of what I'm up to in my life at this point.

Over the summer, I have read a lot of books. I'm currently reading like 9 different book series and I thought I'd give my thoughts on each series individually.


Evermore. Now I love the fact that no vampires are involved, but rather immortals. Although immortals and vampires are quite similar they are different in ways. The whole being able to manifest things and being able to transport into a different dimension like summerland is pretty amazing.

Now with teen romance novels comes the main core couple. The girl and the boy who are destined to be together. In this series, they are Ever and Damen.

Damen is the irresistable, sexy immortal who at first Ever denies to like. Having no knowledge of the past lives she has shared with him. After discovering what he is and what she is, there is no denying the love they share with each other. But with that love comes consequences and danger as Drina, Damen's ex continues to try and end Ever's life like she had always been able to succeed in during their past lives.

In the second book, Blue Shadow, Damen is poisoned by a rogue immortal known as Roman who seeks revenge for Drina. In the end, Ever makes the wrong decision and is forced to live with it.

In the third book, Shadowland, Ever tries to find an antidote so she and Damen can physically be with each other. Yet during her quest she continues to make the wrong decisions, trusting the wrong people.

By the fourth book, Dark Flame, Ever finds herself consumed by a monster after casting a spell on the wrong night. She finds herself obsessed with her enemy, Roman. Straining her relationship with Damen. But with some help, Ever is able to defeat the monster and almost gets what she seeks-the antidote. But a misunderstanding leads her to no antidote and a friend who has now become her worst enemy.

I think this series is really great and original. Aside from the whole perfect boy and girl love story, the whole concept of what is happening is quite suspenseful. I would definitely reccommend this series to anyone and everyone. There is still two more books that are to be released from this series, so I can't wait to find out how it all ends.

My thoughts on Damen. He's another Edward Cullen and who can resist loving the sweet, perfect, good guy? He puts up with a lot from Ever and through every mistake she has made he always forgives her and thinks he should be the one at fault.

My thoughts on Jude. So at first, I thought that Jude was actually an ok guy and that I can see how Ever would have conflicted feelings toward her relationship with Damen with Jude being there. But then Jude crossed a line when he went after Roman like that. He shouldn't have interfered in the way that he did. I mean, he had his best interest at heart but he should have just trusted Ever.

My thoughts on Roman. I have to admit, he was one bad ass immortal. I usually don't like the villians but he was a good one. He always kept his word and you got to respect a guy like that.

My thoughts on Ever. Typically, I don't like the protagonist because their actions and thoughts are the ones we read and so their flaws are more evident than those we don't have access to. But Ever is actually ok. I don't agree with all the decisions she has made because they have ultimately been the wrong choices, but she is upfront about them. Also, she is very honest with Damen. Sometimes she hides things from him but she usually admits them to him which I think says alot about how much she loves him.

My thoughts on Miles. He's like the coolest gay guy friend. He isn't annoying and likes to be upfront about things and isn't afraid to say what he wants. I can't wait until he finds out about immortals.

My thoughts on Haven. At first she was ok, a little annoying but ok to deal with. After she became immortal she just became stuck up and conceited and way to annoying to deal with.

Blue Bloods. Now with this series, I have a hard time remembering exactly what happens only due to the fact that I read the first one about a year or two ago. And the other factor being that I read the last 3 books of the series awhile ago as well. I'm just awaiting for the next book of the series. I know it will be good. So I definitely reccommend this series.

Vampire Diaries. At first, I wasn't going to read this series, but then I got a free copy of the first two books during my trip to ComiCon last summer so I just decided to read it before checking out the show. I ended up enjoying the books. They weren't all that bad. I like comparing books to the TV series and although I'm barely going on the fourth book, the show is very different from the books. There are some similarities, but there are also a lot of differences.

The fact that Elena died and became a vampire only to die again by the third book was kind of surprising. I'm excited to see what happens in the fourth book.

Now the big question. Who do I ship? Stefan/Elena? Damon/Elena? I'm still not 100% committed to any of these relationships, but I am in favor of Stefan/Elena. But I do have a soft spot for Damon/Elena. I think they could really work if only I didn't like Stefan more than I do Damon. LOL

Evernight. Now this vampire love story actually surprised me. Bianca is actually the vampire, while Lucas is the vampire hunter. I like how the tables have turned.
Bianca is a very relatable character for me. She's shy and sort of an outcast. She slowly adapts to her situation.
Lucas is a very protective guy. He loves Bianca, that much is evident. Although, he can be aggressive he's only doing what he thinks is best.
I would describe Bianca's and Lucas' romance as Buffy/Angel meets Romeo/Juliet. I really like what I've read so far and where this book series is going.

If you are a fan of vampire teen romance novels this series is for you.

Gossip Girl. I've finally gotten around to reading the series after being a dedicated tv show fan. After comparing the book to the TV series, I have to admit that I hate the way TV vanessa is compared to book vanessa. Book Vanessa is a lot more likeable. I never thought I'd like vanessa after watching the show, but book vanessa is pretty cool.
When it comes to couples, I love that the writers of the show paired up Chuck and Blair. They really made them a great couple to ship except for what they did on the season 3 finale but after watching the season 4 promo I see great things coming their way. Anyway, I've only read the first two books so far and I'm really interested in everyone's storylines. I hate that Chuck is hardly in them but I can live. The Jenny and Nate storyline is really surprising to say the least.

Kiss Me, Kill Me. I read this book not knowing there would be more books to follow.
In the first book, the protagonist finds herself in a situation that not a lot of girls would find themselves in. Kissing a guy to only have him choke and die on you? Yeah, not likely to happen very often. But trying to find out what exactly caused that to happen makes this story worth reading. I have yet to read the next two books in this series but I can't wait to read them.

She's So Dead To Us. Like Kiss Me, Kill Me, I had no idea there would be more books to follow. The guy in this book is really sweet and I really hope he finds a way to reconcile with her. The next book doesn't come out until awhile but in the meantime I reccommend this book to everyone.

Vampire Kisses. At first, I was very skeptical about this series. But it's actually fairly entertaining. I do find the whole gothic scene to be too enforced. Also, the main character is rather strange. But overall its an ok series so far.

The Hunger Games. Now I have been hearing a lot of great things about this series. I hear it could be the next Twilight. And after reading the first book, I have to agree. This series is very well written and very creative and original. The whole storyline of the Hunger Games is very suspenseful and I can't wait until I finish the next two books.

Katniss. Now I have to say that is one strange name, but I really like it. LOL She's one tough and smart girl. Although she is clueless when it comes to boys.

Peeta clearly had a thing for her and yet she believed he was faking it. As of right now, I really like Peeta and I do ship him and Katniss, but I do know there is Gale and now since I'm going on to the second book I'm pretty sure there will be some type of love triangle going there. I'm very interested in seeing where this all leads to. I think I might really like Gale and Katniss but we'll see.