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rbdandothfan [userpic]

Chuck/Blair: Epic Love Story

May 13th, 2010 (04:20 pm)

My first CB fic so bear with me if you don't think its that great. LOL

Chapter One: Seasons

Summer air reminds me of all the feelings of your love and what it was like when we were together
Good Charlotte

Another summer day, waking up beside the one and only Chuck Bass.

Blair Waldorf was accustomed to this summer daily routine and was saddened by the fact that it would soon be coming to an end.

She pretended to fall back asleep as she saw Chuck's eyes flutter open.

Chuck opened his eyes, smiling that Blair was still laying comfortably on his chest. He loved her more than he ever thought he could love anyone. He always thought he would be alone for his entire life. Until he discovered his true feelings for Blair that night at Victrola.

That night changed everything.

"Good morning, Waldorf," he said, once Blair opened her eyes.

"Good morning to you too, Bass," she smiled as they shared a kiss.

"Another morning of role play?" asked Chuck

Blair couldn't help but laugh

"Aren't you still tired from last night? I know I am."

"Well, you were pretty rough," teased Chuck.

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that as I get my things," said Brooke getting up from the bed

"Where are you going?" asked Chuck

"We have to keep up appearances, remember? We don't want a Gossip Girl blast showing up with the two of us," said Blair

"It's still early, Blair. We have an hour at the most."

"An hour will turn to hours and you know we can't let that happen."

"So call the police, Blair. No one is going to find out about us."

"Say whatever you like, Bass. But I should go. I'll see you tonight," said Blair as they shared a goodbye kiss.

Later that day, Blair and Serena went shopping.

"So, tonight there's a party at the Gala. Did you want to go?" asked Serena as she tried on a blue dress

"I can't. I have plans," said Blair.

"More plans? Come on, B. Every night you have plans. Are you hiding something?"

"Why would you say that? Of course not. I just have something I need to do," lied Blair, playfully.

"Right. You know you can tell me anything, B," stated Serena as she gave Blair a pleading look

"What? I'm not hiding anything, Serena. Even if I was, it's no big deal."

"So you are hiding something."

"Listen, Serena. It's better off if no one knows. I promise you it's nothing bad. It's good for me, actually. I'm happy and that's all you need to know," smiled Blair as she thought of Chuck.

"Ok. Well, whenever you stop being happy, remember that I'm here," comforted Serena

"And that's why I love you, S," smiled Blair before she went to try on a red slim dress.

She of course was thinking of Chuck when she picked it out.

Later that night, Blair sneaked into Chuck's room and smiled when she saw him sleeping peacefully on his bed.

She snuck into his covers beside him and wrapped her arms around him.

"I missed you," she whispered.

Chuck took one of her hands and gave it a light kiss.

They fell asleep with each other until morning.

Chuck woke up to hear Blair crying.

"Blair, what's wrong?"

"Summer's over, Chuck. All of this. What we had is over," she spoke through tears.

Chuck didn't know what to say. From the start of the summer they promised each other that this would only be a summer fling. That they would have to hide it from everyone. It was all a part of the game. Keeping it a secret from everyone. Because after all, how would everyone react seeing Chuck and Blair holding hands? He knew that once they went public, he'd be able to tell her how he truly felt and that would only end up destroying them. He would only end up hurting her.

"Blair, we made a promise, remember?"

"I know, Chuck. It's all a part of the game," she said, wiping away her tears.

"If its any consolation, I'm going to miss this," he smiled

"What are we going to do, Chuck?"

"What do you mean?"

"Summer ends in one week. I think we should stop seeing each other."

"Now why would we do that when we still have a week long of...activities to attend to" smirked Chuck as he took Blair's hands into his.

She pulled away from him,

"I'm serious, Chuck. It'll be easier this way."

"Blair, you're making no sense."

"It's a game to you, Chuck. And I knew that from the moment we got together, but it's not a game to me. I'm sorry, but I should go. I'll see you at school," Blair said, grabbing her things.

Chuck just stood there in shock. She did a 180 on him and he didn't know what to think of it.

In the elevator, Blair Waldorf hid back the tears that wanted to burst out. She did everything she could to hold them back.

She did not know why she ended it with Chuck when they still had a week. She loved Chuck and she knew that she would be an idiot to think that Chuck Bass could love her like she loved him. The thought of him not being able to love her in that way was what she randomly thought about that night as she slept. The thoughts kept running in her mind.

When she stepped outside the hotel, she felt the warm summer air hit her skin and could only think of all the summer days she spent with Chuck. The way his hands gracefully touched against hers. She always felt that pull with him. Ever since that night at Victrola. That moment they shared in the back of the limo.

From that moment, she knew she would regret ending this summer fling so early. She loved Chuck and that's all she really knew.

Later that day, Chuck tried calling Blair but she wouldn't answer. So, he went to her house to see if she would at least give him an explanation.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Chuck. Miss Blair don't want to see you," explained Dorota.

"Please, tell her it's important."

"Mr. Chuck...maybe you come back later. When Miss Blair feeling better?"

"Just give me a moment with her, Dorota. I can make her feel better," pleaded Chuck

Dorota was always compliant with Blair's demands. But when she saw the look on Blair's face when she came back she knew she was deeply hurt. She knew Blair would be upset but she knew that Chuck could probably make her feel better.

"Five minutes, Mr. Chuck."

"Thank you, Dorota," smiled Chuck as he went up the stairs to Blair's bedroom.

"Dorota, I don't want to see him," exclaimed Blair when she heard her door open.

"Blair," she turned to look as she heard the familiar voice

"What are you doing here, Chuck?"

"You wouldn't answer my calls."

"Obviously implying that I don't want to see you," stated Blair

"Listen, Blair. I know you want this thing between us to be more than just a fling. But you and I both know what's going to happen once it is."

"Is that so wrong?" asked Blair

Chuck took a deep breath and took both of her hands into his

"It's not. But we'd be so much better off this way."

Blair knew he was right.

She took a moment before speaking

"We had fun this summer, didn't we?"

"Best summer I've ever had," smiled Chuck as they shared one last kiss.

Attention Upper East Siders, summer's over so say your goodbye's and be prepared to embark on a new school year of scandal, lies, and betrayal. And let's not forget love. You know what they say, "love is in the air." So if you think those summer love's will never reappear think again as you can always feel it in the air. But remember, I'm always watching.
Gossip Girl