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Top Musicians

August 31st, 2010 (09:19 pm)

Top Favorite Musicians
Now, there are many great musicians out there. There are so many talented people in the world who sometimes don't get the credit they deserve. I'm lucky to have discovered some pretty amazing artists and I thought I'd share a few of my favorites.

Paramore, Kate Voegele, Panic! At The Disco, Good Charlotte, Amy Kuney, Gorgeous Got A Gun, MEST

Find out why

Paramore. There's no denying that they are by far at the top of my list. I am what some may call a parawhore and to be honest I don't care. They are a great group of talented musicians. I've spent a lot of time and money on them and I think they are worth it for many reasons.

For one, Hayley Williams has a voice that words can not describe. The girl has an incredible vocal range that I just admire. No one can prove otherwise.

Secondly, their lyrics are something I can relate to. There's always a song that I can listen to that describes exactly how I'm feeling.
Thirdly, all the band members are great at what they do. It amazes me how great of a guitar player Josh is. He's still very young, all of them are. I mean, heck, Zac is my age for crying out loud! He's an incredible drummer. He makes me wish I learned how to play my drumset. LOL Not to mention how great Jeremy and Taylor are at what they do. I can't wait to see them all play on September 18th!

Last but not least, they are very grateful to their fans and they show it. Not very many artists as big as they are are willing to do what they do for their fans. I have a lot of respect for them because of that. I was lucky enough to have met them at a signing and although it was very short, they all greeted me with smiles and they just brightened up my entire day, my entire week!

Kate Voegele
. Now I am super lucky to have met the girl numerous times. She is by far the greatest and sweetest person you will ever meet! She's just the coolest person ever. She is beautiful and a really talented musician. She deserves a lot more credit and recognition than she is given. But she is grateful for everything that she has and she really does show it.
Her songs are creative, colorful, and original. Take a listen if you haven't because she has a voice that really deserves to be heard. I can't wait for her third album because it will be an amazing one!

Panic! At the Disco
. Now these guys are amazing. I regret the fact that I forgot about them for awhile after they were my favorite band from 2005-2007. I mean, who can blame me? "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out" was by far and still is one of the best albums of this decade. I love every song from that album and I wish I could have seen them in concert back in the day. But a lot has happened since that album.

Some fans were disappointed with the new sound after "Pretty.Odd." came out and to be honest I was one of them. However, I had never really listened to that album. I kind of forgot about them and had most of my time invested in Paramore, but I should have paid more attention to them because as different as that album is, it is a pretty decent album. It grows on you and deserves to be heard. Ryan Ross is an incredible writer and musician. Very original. Although he and Jon are no longer in the band, I have faith in Brendon and Spencer to put out a great and amazing third album.

Have you heard the "Oh Glory" demo? Pretty amazing if you ask me. Although I did hear that that song may not be on the next album, I'm really excited to hear what the new album will contain. These guys are always bringing out creative and original music so I really can't wait to see what they put out next. And this time, I will be the first one to buy a ticket to a show.

Good Charlotte
. The fact that these guys have been around for as long as they have still amazes me. They were the first band I saw in concert back at the Honda Civic Tour in 2003. I was in the 6th grade! I had known about them a little before "The Young and the Hopeless" came out. I really fell in love with their self titled album. That album still amazes me as does "the young and the hopeless" I know a lot of people considered them sell outs and stuff, but why do bands become sell outs when all they want to do is get their music heard?
I find their lyrics to portray real life accurately. They aren't afraid to address certain issues and although their sound has evolved and changed I still enjoy listening to what they put out next.

Their fifth album Cardiology comes out November 2 and I know it will be worth giving a listen to.

Amy Kuney. After hearing her perform at a Kate Voegele show and meeting her in person I can honestly say that this girl deserves more recognition. Her voice is different and soothing and her songs are amazing. If you ever get the chance to see her or hear her album, do it. It will be worth it. I can't wait until her next album comes out because I know it will be amazing!

Gorgeous Got A Gun. Now to be honest, I didn't know what would come up when I googled my name a few years back. But when I discovered the myspace of musician Veronica Torres and heard some of her songs, I was impressed. I would often check to see her updates and see what she would be up to. Hoping to catch a show from her, but never being able to.

And then after reading that she joined to be part of a group known as Gorgeous Got A Gun, I had to check them out. So I checked out their myspace and heard 3 of their songs off their debut album and was really impressed with what I heard. It's no surprise that they ended up winning the Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World contest with their song/video called "Violent Games"
If you haven't heard of them please do. I strongly recommend it. You won't be disappointed. Buy their album like I did because this band is worth it.

MEST. I discovered this band back in 2003 with their song "Jaded" Being the Good Charlotte fan that I was, I bought their album because Benji Maddon had a cameo in that song. Luckily, I ended up loving that whole album and all their albums. This band was by far one of the most underrated bands and it's a shame to be honest. They ended up breaking up which sucks because I really did consider them to be a great bunch of talented people. Even though some of them have formed new bands, I really loved the way they collaborated and formed as MEST.

Now there are many musicians and bands that I did not mention here, but these are just a few of my favorites that if you haven't already, please do take a listen. You will not be disappointed.

 These are just a few of the musicians that have inspired me to do what I want to do. I owe it all to these musicians. This idea of discovering bands as talented as they all are. To allow people the opportunity of discovering new music, new talented people who may someday be someone's favorite band/musician and inspire them. To make their dreams come true.

If it wasn't for these musicians, I wouldn't even know what I'd want to do with my life. I've always loved art and have always wanted to do something in that but I love music so much and providing music for all those music lovers would be a dream come true. And as long as I have music that will inspire me, I will continue to make that dream a reality.

Albums to look out for:
November 2, 2010           Cardiology-Good Charlotte
January 2011                      Kate Voegele
2011                                     Amy Kuney
2011                                    Panic! At The Disco


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