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Dowtown Walk

December 14th, 2009 (09:04 pm)

Downtown Walk
by Veronica Torres

Walking down the street
She has no idea what lies ahead
The chaos beneath her feet
Where the sickness will spread

Her heart begins to beat
As she catches the eye
Of the man in the street
Whom she passes by

She stands there alone
As the man tells her to stay
She is chilled to the bone
As the man leads her astray

She does not know what to do
Her insides are screaming
As she counts to twenty-two
Easing the pain by dreaming

In a world that is much less tragic
Where her prince comes to her salvation
In a world filled with magic
Where her life can be a celebration

But no one can hear her cries
The angry frustration
As she feels the pain arise
From his sick infatuation

Her mind is going hazy
As he speaks to her in riddles
Soon enough she believes she is crazy
As the facts become fiddles

A day passes
She still feels taunted
As the smell of molasses
Reminds her of the unwanted

The touch of another
Makes her shiver
The touch of her own mother
Makes her quiver

She speaks to no one about the encounter
It eats her up inside
But what can she say without feeling like a downer
She has been sucked into the riptide

Keeping quiet for years
She feels like she must tell someone
But she is keeping quiet for all her fears
That what's done is done

Then one day
Her dreams of finding love
Lead the way
For her to rise above

But what can she do now?
The predator still lurks
What can she allow
Of the one who still smirks?