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New Buffy/Angel Fic: What Should Have Been

September 16th, 2009 (11:25 pm)

Description: Picks up from the Angel episode called "I Will Remember You" Basically a story about how it would have been if Angel had still been human. What his and Buffy's relationship would have been like. I call this "what should have been" because I have always loved the possiblity of Buffy and Angel ending up together and having their epic fairytale ending. Although I kept the same type of storyline from the actual episode, in later chapters there will be a way that Angel becomes human. Anyway here's the first chapter

Chapter One
What Should Have Been
A Buffy and Angel Fairytale

“This can’t be real. These past few days seem to good to be true,” said Buffy as she lay in the arms of her now normal boyfriend.

Angel could only smile because he felt the same way.

It had been only two days since the Oracles told Angel he was no longer a vampire, but a human being. An alive human being, whose heart beat, beat and beat.

Buffy and Angel stayed in bed together and everytime they tried getting up to fight evil, they would succumb to their passions.

For years, Buffy dreamed of being a normal girl in a relationship with a normal boyfriend, but there being no cure for vampirism, Buffy’s dream was simply that- a dream.

For Angel, falling in love with Buffy was inevitable from the moment he saw her. He always wanted to give her more, but as a vampire he wasn’t capable. That’s why he left Sunnydale. But now that he could give her everything a normal girl should have in a relationship, he was evidently in a state of pure happiness.

“What are you thinking about?” asked Angel, that night as Buffy lay thinking, her head on his chest.

“About our future. The one I only fantasized and dreamed about,” she replied.

“Yeah. I’ve been thinking a lot about it too,” he said, as he thought about what his future would be.
What his destiny now was that he was no longer a vampire, but a regular helpless human being. All of a sudden all these questions came to him.

How could he defend himself from the evil he knew had to be stopped? All the helpless people he knew he had to save? The more he thought, the more he knew how much this couldn’t last.

“Angel?” Buffy said as she read the look on his face

“yeah,” he answered, his thoughts scattering away at the sound of her voice.

“What exactly are you thinking? They don’t seem to be ‘I’m-happy-I’m-with-Buffy’ thoughts,” she admitted, worried.

“I’m thinking about what my purpose is now that I’m human…I feel like this has got to be the catch. Me not being able to defend myself.”

"Angel, nothing is going to happen to you. Do you honestly think I would let anything hurt you?" asked Buffy as she looked into his eyes.

"I know you wouldn't, Buffy. But I can't risk you or anyone getting killed because of me. I'll only be a distraction...the more I think about this, the more I think it's right to-"

"to do what, Angel?" Buffy questioned

Angel sighed,

"To ask the oracles to change me back."

Buffy's eyes grew wide as the tears began to form.

"Don't. Angel. It's only been two days. You can't just suddenly decide it's the right thing to do," Buffy cried

"Buffy," Angel began, tears in his eyes as he saw her in so much pain, "I hate this as much as you do, but we are both meant to fight. To save people. We'd be selfish to ignore that," Angel argued.

"I want to be selfish, Angel. I've been fighting evil for years. I've given up so much already to save people. To fight. Why can't I just have this? Why can't I just be selfish just this once?" she cried, knowing deep down that he was right, "I love you, Angel."

Angel could only hold her in his arms as she continued to cry.

A few minutes passed as Buffy composed herself.

"I know what you have to do, Angel. But just this once, can we try this out? Please?" Buffy asked as Angel thought about all the possible outcomes if he stayed human, as Buffy tried to persuade him otherwise.

"Look at Xander. Cordelia. Giles. They've foughten and have survived. I can teach you to fight. It's possible to be human and still know how to kill evil. Think about it, Angel. It's possible. It'll just take time."

"That's what worries me, Buffy. Time. We don't have time," Angel explained.

Buffy sighed, she knew it was hopeless.

"Before you go, can I hear your heart beat just one more time? Just to remind me that this was real. That my dream came true?" She said, tears forming again.

It hurt Angel seeing her like this again, but he had to do this. He couldn't see her dead, or worse, blame herself if something were to happen to him. He put her hand on his chest, as she rested her head.